The Seagulls play original music that nods equally to roots-minded songwriting, punk energy and a bluesy swagger that recalls legendary British pub-rock band Dr. Feelgood.”

Dave Pehling, CBS News

The Seagulls

The Seagulls are a San Francisco garage rock band with a “modern classic” & raucous sound with hooks galore and a first wave punk edge.

Released March 2023

"...Packed with catchy rockers like opening track "Big Bad Beautiful World" and "Sunday Afternoon Drinking" and ska-tinged tunes "Hold On" and "G'is a Drink Woodcock," the bracing effort is a fine encapsulation of the energetic party the band delivers onstage" - CBS News

There's more in the vault, including the This Time Next Year Press Release, band bio and additional EPK assets like more pics, Band Logos, Album art & more.